Thursday, January 31, 2013

What do you do on a cold winter day?

In our house, we find big projects to tackle.  As I write this, our temperature is a mild -18*F.   During our last cold snap, I had the chance to pick up on a great sale at the store, and made good use of a day that wasn't good for other projects.  It helped keep a few entertained and busy for about 2 hours.  When peppers are just .39 a piece in the frozen parts of the country, it helps the budget to buy as many as you can and store them up for days when you really want them!  We ended up with a case of them, and that turned out to be 20 bags of chopped up peppers for all sorts of soups, salads, and surprises.  They are waiting in the freezer for just the right recipe.  Hopefully there will be enough there to last until the garden can produce some, but I doubt it.  That is still 6 months away!  The kids chose to save a bunch of the seeds, we may have pepper plants coming out of the ground in some odd places this year ;)


  1. That is a LOT of peppers! And they look huge! I'd love to find those around here for that price. Yum!