Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Funky art found on my adventures....

After visiting the sod houses in southern Minnesota, my friends and I continued on to their destination in Missouri.  I had a day to myself while they were occupied with family obligations.  It was raining that day and some wicked weather moved through the little town of Stanberry.  I got to enjoy a restaurant that focused on local foods, studied some maps at their amazing little library, and then found the welding shop on my way to the farm.  Apparently, the welder is also a bit of an artist.  None of the works are for sale I am told, but purely for the enjoyment of those who can appreciate alternative art.  I didn't dare get out of the van for fear of ruining my camera in the rain, but the pictures turned out well enough for me.  This is definitely whimsical!

The Mom


  1. I love places like this, with funky art an metal bugs and cows. Awesome post! Fun blog, Stacy!!

  2. Very cool!! It looks great. The butterflies are very "whimsical"!!