Thursday, January 10, 2013

Do you notice the little things?

Today, as I was going about my day, I took note of things around me.  Things that others may not have noticed.  It wasn't my own choosing, it was something I have been inspired to do by some blogging friends.

I noticed how much a dollar tip can make a server smile big.  Yep, a dollar.  Those dollars all add up one at a time.  Sure, they love more, but there are those who appreciate the kindness.  Especially in a "light service" situation.

Fortune cookies.  I know, they are just printed paper.  Nothing magical or monumental about their creation or existence.  Think about this though.  When you read a fortune cookie, what happens?  Their little whimsical bits of "wisdom" make you laugh, may you smile, or even make you twist up your face and say "huh?  really?!?! what is THAT supposed to mean?!".  A silly little something can make some big entertainment.

A kind word.  It doesn't even have to be to someone you know.  It could be a simple greeting as you pass someone in the grocery store or hold the door for someone as you go in our out of a business.  Even if you are in a great mood, that little "nice boots!" comment can make someone smile...and both of you feel the reward.  The break in the monotony of life can really perk things up.

A simple little flower, picture, or even a candy dish can make a whole room feel warm and welcome rather than cold and sterile.  Life puts me in a lot of meetings and appointments at various places, and rather than fidget with electronics or read a book only to be interrupted at the best parts, I study my surroundings and take them all in.  Those rooms with just that little personal touch make that wait so much more enjoyable.

I could go on and on...but I will save some for another day.  What little things did YOU notice today?


  1. I love how something as simple as holding a door for a stranger makes people smile. Little things like that make my day! I need to put some colorful little "personal touches" around my home--after taking down all my Christmas decor, it's feeling rather blah!