Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A little bit of focus after the hectic holidays.

I find myself looking at blogs and ideas several times a week. My family takes part in my attempts to constantly try new things an dabble in this art or that craft. As the new year has already started, I have already added a few more things to my "to do" list. I am slowly starting to cross off some of the old ones. One of the big projects that I have found for myself this past year is reviewing items for a homeschool magazine. That experience has been strangely gratifying on several levels. I get new things to play with, I get to critique each item, and I get to keep it! New to my every changing list? I will be both writing and reviewing for an awesome up and coming homeschool site, Homeschool Mosaics and Mosaic Reviews! As I grow the blog and venture out with more writing on a personal level, I hope you will join me! The Mom...


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