Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Classical Historian Medieval History for Kids- REVIEW

The Classical Historian recently partnered with the Mosaic Reviews team to get the word out about a few of their products.  I was lucky enough, I got to review the Medieval History Memory Game. 

The team at The Classical Historian works to make fun ways to learn history.  You can play this game one of two ways, as directed by the instructions that are included with the game.  You can play as a memory game for ages 3 and up, or you can sort the cards by the 4 categories of: Europe, The Americas, The Far East, and Arabia.  During the second version of game play, the play is timed and it is a "race".

Specifics of this game can be found HERE
The game is $14.95 by itself, but can be purchased in two different bundle options with other games as well. 
You can find The Classical Historian at their website and on facebook.
The game includes 64 playing cards that you have to punch out from their frame.

The Classical Historian offers many other products, including games, books, and even classes!  Check them out to see if there is anything to fill in the gaps of your educational supplies.

Personal thoughts:
This game is a great variation on a well known and well loved childhood game.  The company has chosen to use sturdy, quality materials, which is something we greatly appreciate in our home!  The box has held up to the boys, which says that they didn't pick junk.  The game offers pictures that are not nearly as common as many of the other games of memory that we've played and get a child thinking. 

I would LOVE to see a small guidebook added to this game, or even a simple brochure with a bit of info about each of the cards.  While most parents know the significance of the pictures or topics, children may not yet know, and having a little guide to add to those teaching games would be VERY valuable to me. 

All in all, we had a lot of fun with this game and it is a nice departure from just your average memory game.  I like having a purpose to our play, and I LOVE having more than one play option offered by a publisher!


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