Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Every day is a gift

Today I had the pleasure of running into a woman whom I've known for about 15 years.  This elderly woman is soft spoken, but full of life.  We chatted about her family, the weather, the crops (farming community that we live in, whether you are a farmer or not, it is a rather regular topic for most anyone).   All the chit chat faded quickly in my mind when she turned to her husband as the topic. 

He has had rather rough health the past year, and given all of us many scares.  She proceeded to share how he had a heart attack 27 years ago, and she never expected to bring him home from the hospital.  She said that every day when she wakes up, she gives thanks for one more day with him, knowing it is truly a gift.  Wow.  I know that is the case, and I have had that lesson many times in my life, but seeing her sincerity today just hit me all over again. 

Every day with him is a gift, she said.  There is something mighty powerful in those words.  It was even harder to hear her admit that she knows her time with him is short and it is time to say goodbye.  The strength in her voice began to shake and I fought hard against the tears that wanted to let loose with those words coming from her mouth while standing there in the grocery store.  I do not know her husband well at all, though we have met a time or two.  Her devotion to him, her appreciation for him, her fondness for him hasn't faded in more than 50 years of marriage.  What an amazing legacy to leave their family.  What an amazing glimpse into her faith in just those few words.

Every day is a gift, and I sure hope that some day, I will be able to embrace it like she has and truly absorb and appreciate every moment with those I love and not be muddled by the daily grumblings and disappointments, but be thankful.  Every day IS a gift.  Will we receive it or cast it aside?


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