Friday, June 14, 2013

Some linked love to share with my friends for Fun and Fast Friday

Some days, I sit at the computer and I have great ideas that I want to share.  Some of them are HUGE.  And then, I get distracted for a moment or two and start reading other posts and realize that there are messages from various friends that are even more important in the moment than mine... some are cool, some are inspirational, some are very sobering. 

Today, I just want to share one that is revolutionary. Create your own portfolio for your homeschool student with ease!  Using Pinterest, you can easily collect details from the year and create a nice digital portfolio.  My friend, and one of many mentors, Brenda Emmett, has laid it all out clearly in her blog post:

Used with permission from Brenda Emmett, Copyright 2013

Tell me what you have learned that can be Fun and Fast and save time in your home!


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