Saturday, February 2, 2013

What better way to spend the day?

Than to spend it next to this lovely warm creature?!?!  Especially when you can snuggle with a giggly little one with a good book to read or movie to watch and your favorite warm drink.  During various conversations about the temperatures that we see in the winter, people will often ask how on earth I can survive the cold.  *THIS* is how I survive the cold.  Truth be told?  I *LIVE* for the cold for this very thing.  A day to stop the outside world, be close to those you love, to relax, and to soak it all in next to a warm fire.  Of course, today isn't that day, but I can always look at this wonderful stove and be happy and warm and fuzzy inside knowing that I will have a date with its glorious heat again one day very soon.


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