Monday, February 18, 2013

Snow Day!

It was windy and cold outside, but today was warm and fuzzy inside.  While the blizzard piled the snow up high in the back yard, we worked on making memories.

 It all started with a yummy and colorful breakfast.  Green and orange bell peppers, tomatoes, onions and scrambled eggs.  Love on a plate on a gloomy day!

We made it through morning chores and spent the rest of our morning having free time.  We opted for a lunch of sandwiches and spent our afternoon watching documentaries on Frank Lloyd Wright.  We discussed the similarities of our house and many of the design elements that came to be his signature components.  We discussed how we'd like to have a dream house like Fallingwater or to go see Taliesin in Wisconsin.  We discussed our plans for snow forts and sledding.  Before we knew it, the daydreaming had used up most of our daylight!

Then came supper time and what better time to have a warm, "home made" soup than on a blustery winter day?!?!  Chicken noodle soup with vegetables.  And did I mention home made, FRESH noodles?  Yeah, we did.  They really are simple, why do we keep forgetting that and buying noodles from the store?  I don't know.  This was my daughter's first time making noodles, and what better way to learn than to just do it!

Our recipe was simple:
To make the noodles, crack 2 eggs in a bowl, sift one cup of flour over them and mix well.  Roll out on a floured surface and cut.  Simple, easy, rewarding.  And it took only 15 minutes. 

While the noodles were being made?  I boiled 3 quarts of chicken broth with 1 cup dehydrated mixed veggies, and about 2 tablespoons of dried onions and a cup and a half of chicken breast.  Once that was boiling well, we tossed in the noodles and cooked it until they floated. 
 Tomorrow, we dig out.  Maybe.  Or we might just find another old family tradition to pull out of our hats and share with the kiddos!


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