Thursday, February 14, 2013

A place of peace and contemplation

 While spending time in Minnesota in the winter, it is easy to find yourself being dragged down by the weather.  On a day when this is what it looks like outside:

Along with snow and -20F temperatures at night, it is easy to find places inside that can warm the spirit.  A recent journey to the Mayo Clinic introduced me to one such place.  Among the various subway tunnels and art and historical displays, the powers that be at Mayo have created some spaces that are just relaxing and restful.  On this particular day, while it was barely safe to walk outside due to the freezing rain, I happened across this beautiful piece of stone:

 This lovely work of art was found in a beautifully large room full of many, many live plants and trees.  What a welcome sight this time of year!  What a relaxing place for a weary soul!

The skylights top it all off nicely, even on a gloomy rainy day.  While my photography skills are very amateur, the sentiment carried well for me.  In my time in that atrium, I spent some time reading.  Some time crocheting.  And even a bit of time watching others come and go and enjoy the quiet peace of this room.  Those who come and go at the Mayo Clinic tend to be there because of difficult things going on with themselves or a loved one.  Such is the case with my own family, but this place brings a special comfort.  Not just in this atrium, but in many of the various buildings and walk ways.  Over the years, we have found many favorite spots to sit and relax.  I hope to share more with you in the future.


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