Monday, September 9, 2013

REVIEW: EEME Project Genius Light

The Mosaic Reviews team had an opportunity to check out a product that I never imagined existed, but knew it was a perfect fit for one of our kiddos as soon as I heard a bit about it.  

EEME's monthly hands-on project kits teach kids about electronics. Each project kit is paired with online curricula to not only guide the kids in assembling the project but also to teach the concepts applied.

EEME is a monthly subscription program that has a couple of options available.  Prices are $18.95 per month for the basic kit, and $29.95 per month for the pro kit.  Subscriptions may be canceled at any time.

The Dad at EEME  has generously offered all new subscribers the opportunity to have their first month FREE for this next week.  

We decided to extend your readers a 1st month free towards an EEME subscription limited time promo - expires 9/16/2013

The promo URL is here -

About Project Genius Light

With the Genius Light project, you will assemble a simple LED circuit system that does the smart thing - lights up when it is dark and dims when it is light.
The project kit will be shipped with all the materials needed to build the Genius Light (a breadboard, resistors, circuits, LEDs, battery).
Once you've gotten your kit, you'll come back to to access our 45 minutes of online videos, which will (1) teach you and your kid how to build the Genius Light, and (2) explain the electrical engineering concepts behind it. (Videos are free to check out.)
Questions? Feel free to get in touch with Jack at!

We set aside a couple of hours to do this project, not knowing really what we were getting ourselves into.  There are no directions in the box, you log in online on the company website to access the free videos (the directions to log in are included in the box).  I chose my 8 year old for this review because he LOVES "projects" and is constantly building and creating with any materials his imagination can spin into something else.
Checking to make sure all parts are accounted for before starting the project.

Once you log in online, the videos show you step by step with extremely clear explanations of what to do.  They start with the "whats" and then go back and teach the "hows" of each part of the project.  The videos for this particular project are broken up into very short pieces.  Most of them were only a minute or two. The steps were short, easy to understand and very clear.
These projects require some detailed work and some excellent fine motor skills.  There are NO tools required, but a parent does have to be involved with the whole process for younger children, and it is encouraged for all students.  The projects are geared towards 7-12 year old students, but I have to admit that I found it fun and fascinating to be able to do this project, so I think that I'd use the age as a guideline for understanding the concepts, but use it rather loosely.  Some younger children would do well with this project (all of mine stood around us and watched!) and surely older ones would too.

As you progress through each step of the project, some of the videos have a few short questions to help ensure that there is understanding of the concepts and the process. As you complete each part, there is a window that opens to give you a congratulatory message. This gives you the chance to continue on to the next step or go back to review what you want to spend a bit more time learning or understanding.  We had to stop a few times and adjust placement of wires to make them look nice for the project maker.
My little project maker was very thoughtful during the process and was able to soon anticipate what was needed and why.  He tends to be very analytical and thought this project was a blast. 

All told, this project took us a bit over an hour, with interruptions.  We REALLY enjoyed this one!  The reward of a working LED light at the end lit up the faces of the little guys watching and got the wheels turning in my project maker as he considered what else he might be able to do (yes, it spurred that critical thinking that EEME seeks to encourage!)  The parts can be a bit tricky to handle since they are so small, but with a parent's help, it is easy enough to get done. The explanations of the terminology and the parts/components were clear enough that even the 4 year old observer picked them up quickly.  The price is a bit daunting to some, but the quality of the videos and instruction and the "all parts included" (YES, even the batteries!) makes it seem very affordable in most budgets if you have a child with an interest in building and creating.

If you have a project builder at your house, this one is AWESOME to jump in and try!  Thank you EEME and Mosaic Reviews for such a great opportunity!  My guy is thrilled to have something to show off to adults now and share what he has learned in school here at home.

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