Friday, May 24, 2013

Fun and Fast Friday- copying recipes

Every weekend gets so full of plans and ideas, visiting with friends and relatives, doing yard work, catching up on household chores that get neglected or put off during the week, the list goes on.. My plan is to share one simple, fast tip each Friday so that my "lessons learned" can be your time saver... and hopefully we can all share. 

This week's tip:

Instead of hand writing each recipe you want from someone, snap a quick picture with your phone or camera! Do be sure to be mindful of copyright laws (this was fun to do a bit of research before I hit "publish" on this post!).  These were taken from my phone, so the quality isn't great, but it is functional.

Freezer coleslaw always fascinates me!

Canned bullhead.  This one just hit my "that's weird" side and I needed proof the recipe existed!

How many times do you want to bake a cake and don't have a mix?!  We don't keep mixes on hand usually, so this was a welcome recipe from an old asylum.

Do you have a Fun and Fast tip to share?  Post in the comments!


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