Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nothing completes the day for me more than...

The "big" guy trying to be bigger at Grandma's.
 The snuggles and hugs of my little ones.  Now that they are all old enough to use the bathroom by themselves and eat without help, the physical touch moments have to be planned and intentional more often than not.

I can't tell you how full those little 4 or 6 year old hugs feel when it has been a day or two for the real, deep, meaningful hugs that say "My world is safe with you here!".  In a house with several boys, it seems those hugs went away faster and faster with each one.  Our recently turned 4 year old seems to have given them up earlier than any of the others, now that he is "big".

At the end of each day, when I have set aside time for writing, this little "big" guy will now slip out of bed, wander to wherever I am working, and "sneak" onto my lap (I can't quite call it sneaking, but who am I to burst that little bubble of his?!?!).  I can't help but to cherish those moments of guaranteed time.  Sure, I may not get writing done when I want.  I may not get to bed as fast.  He may not be in bed quite on time.  But those last snuggles are worth every moment.  Once in a while, there is chance to steal a kiss, but they are not nearly as sweet as the little, soft hands, reaching around you and letting you know that you are important in this new world of independence. 

Cherish all those little moments if you still have young ones.  I know I sure do.  Those moments are numbered...and the number shrinks more and more each day.  Don't let work steal those moments from you, they do have a shelf life. The memories will never expire though.  Take the time to stop and embrace the moment.  Give a little extra squeeze.  Writing and work can always wait an extra 5 or 10 minutes.


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