Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to Something Whimsical!

Let me introduce myself. I am "The Mom". As "The Mom", I am responsible for 8 great children. I teach them at home on a small bit of land with a menagerie of animals and a very weedy garden. I enjoy a variety of hobbies and crafts, and have made it my goal to share those things with my children. Along the way, I have been asked for a variety of special orders for friends, neighbors, and even strangers. My hobbies have helped me earn a few dollars here and there, and cost me quite a bit more! With that background, it has become more and more obvious that we needed an outlet to share with others as we learn new things, sell the things we love to make and process our thoughts as we try new things, master those we know, and put aside those that didn't quite make it. It is my hope that this blog will be an online presence for myself and the rest of "the crew" as we venture out to local events with our whimsical items.

The purpose of this blog is to be our "bulletin board" of sorts. To let our friends and readers know the latest happenings. To share our current projects of interest. To teach new things as we learn them or to help refresh the things we may have forgotten. To learn new things from our readers as we struggle. To brainstorm and problem solve. And yes, once in a while, share something for sale.

The items we have to share may be home made. They may be re-made. They may not have even been "made" (well, at least not by us), but I can assure you, there is something about each of them that we love!

As for the rest of the crew... Daughter 1 and Daughter 2 are my right hand gals. They love to create and craft as much as I do. Their thoughts can be invaluable at times. Their unique styles set them apart from me with clear boundaries, but we often find common ground. As for the friend or two, I will allow them to work on their own introductions if they happen to want to join in the reporting.

It is the hope of the entire crew that you will benefit from visiting our home on the web!

The Mom.