Friday, November 29, 2013

Gratitude Challenge-catching up post...November 29th

To give you a bit of a background, my husband has had some major health challenges for a few years.  We have been spinning our wheels working with an inadequate treatment plan for a while, and fighting and hoping to get a chance to get new eyes on his case and give opinions of how to improve.  We finally got it.  We had 12 days' notice to travel almost 400 miles to see doctors and had to arrange for home, family, children and animals to be cared for in our absence.  What was supposed to be a 2 day trip became 5.  Life was a bit overwhelming and I am still not recovered, but coming up for air and trying to get back into the swing of things before our holiday season takes over with all of my business obligations...

So here is the list as I saved it:
Day 7: Thankful for a vehicle to get us where we have to go at a moment's notice.
Day 8:  Having a small farm to be able to raise many of our own foods.
Day 9:  Children who are innocent and don't know all of the hard things going on in this world yet.
Day 10:  Books.  One can never have enough knowledge, and books keep that knowledge at your fingertips.
Day 11:  My electric blanket.  I get cold, and it makes life more bearable.
Day 12:  A full calendar to keep me busy and prevent me from being bored.
Day 13:  Dirty dishes.  I loathe them, but they tell a story of a well fed family.
Day 14:  Fur-friends.  Dogs, cats, cows.  All of them bring something special to our family, and their fuzzy winter fur makes them lovable and cuddly.
Day 15:  Social media.  It connects me to all of these amazing people.
Day 16: Events that bring new customers to my business.
Day 17: Thirty-One business that provides me all the functional bags I need for travel and daily life.
Day 18: Buffets.  When traveling, it is nice to have an option to eat something, no matter what your tastes.
Day 19: Doctors who truly are attentive to their patients.
Day 20: The Internet and phones that allow us to keep in touch with friends and family while away from home.
Day 21:  Gracious women who are understanding and kind when you have to cancel your plans to meet family needs.
Day 22: My own bed.  There is something comforting about your own bed after traveling, no matter how bothersome it may be.
Day 23: Cupboards with food in them.
Day 24:  Warm winter clothing.
Day 25:  New beginnings and blessings. 
Day 26:  Friends who are there no matter what they think of your situation.
Day 27:  A home where children laugh, make messes, make memories.
Day 28:  A family that is dedicated to each other, through thick or thin.
Day 29:  My Lilla Rose business that provides opportunities to meet amazing women while providing some extra income for my family. 

Join us with the Gratitude Challenge hosted by my friend, Brenda over at Quiet Pandemonium


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