Monday, August 19, 2013

There are those moments to just sit back and wonder...

What will life look like in a year?  Five years?  Ten years?  Do I dare imagine 20 years from now? 

I sat in my comfy chair watching my boys from the other room, and couldn't help but to soak it in.  One sitting on the counter, admiring every word shared by a bigger brother.  One sitting on a chair challenging the one next to him to some sort of duel of knowledge just out of the line of vision from my vantage point.  One off helping the men do something outside.  I admired those 4 littler boys sitting there and going through their regular routines of "who is in charge/smartest/toughest/biggest/whatever challenge we decide today" with their little challenges of who knew the most about the latest adventure on a video game, which comic book character was strongest, and who did the most chores for the day.  Their competitive nature is hard to ignore sometimes, but it keeps them (mostly) honest...because if they don't tell on themselves, it usually isn't long before a brother will tell for them.  They have a crazy respect for one another, but also that brotherly "love".  They can often be quoted as saying "We are best friends and worst emenies" (yes, they say it wrong, but who am I to correct their little cute quirks in those moments?!?).

I wondered what will they be doing to challenge each other in the future?  What will they argue over?  Will they truly be friends?  Will they despise each other for those little quirks that often lead to spats?  I couldn't help but to laugh at the entertainment I had in front of me and soon got distracted in my day dreaming.  Back to reality with a ball hitting the chair beside my head.  The sentimental moment was over and the war was on.  Soon those boys who caused me to day dream for a few minutes had jumped back into their regular routine again and were running after one another as they headed out the door. 

I could have gotten after them for running in the house, yelling, or any of a number of things...and then I realized that instead of fussing, they gave me a gift.  A moment to treasure.  A dream to look forward to.  A plan or a bit more training.  Life isn't all wrapped up in bows and beautiful paper, but those small, tender moments have to be grabbed sometimes instead of just waiting for them to land in your lap. I am working hard to absorb those moments and catch the loving moments when I can.  Even if they may not like the camera, or even if they are camera hogs.  As you can clearly tell, I have some of both.  I couldn't get to my camera without disrupting that particular special moment, but I am learning to keep something with me at all times. 


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