Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A personal update from "Aunt" Mae


As of this evening, April 16th I have gotten 55 orders for over 300 bars of soap not including the back ordered soaps.
April 8 ~ 20 orders
April 9 ~ 10 orders with 3 still unpaid
April 10 ~ 4 orders
April 11 ~ 4 orders with 1 still unpaid
April 12 ~ 7 orders
April 13 ~ 4 orders with 1 still unpaid
April 14 ~ I'm closed
April 15 & 16 ~ 10 orders with 8 still unpaid
(I had a show on Monday and didn't get a chance to process any orders)

The orders from the 8th & 9th were shipped out on the 9th. The 10th & 11th's orders were shipped out on the 11th. The 12th, 13th & 14th's orders were shipped out on the 15th. One order from today included a pair of my earrings.

Out of the 13 scents available I have sold completely out of 6 of them. The Oatmeal, Milk & Honey scent sold out in two days and I have 6 - 8 back orders already.

There were a total of 26 donations between April 8 - 15th not including the generous donations from you sweet ladies prior to the blogging giveaway and the generosity of the sweet lady who paid for the giveaway items and shipping costs.
I have received offers of free website design from 2 people (one was before the giveaway went live and she is working on it already), an offer to take product pictures by a photographer, numerous offers for free advertising, one lady said she was passing my information on to all her friends, one person interested in becoming a Young Living distributor, 1 Lilla Rose hair clip order and lots of love and prayers.

14 people signed up for my Aunt Mae's newsletter.
145 signed up for my blog newsletter (Honey From Flinty Rocks).
3 signed up for my Lilla Rose hair clip newsletter.

My son made (to my specifications) a rack to hold my tissue paper to make packing orders for shipping easier and less back straining. I organized the shelves where I keep my soaps so I can store more in the same space and have room for my other products.

Ladies, I thank you for all your efforts to help me by getting the word out about my financial situation after my beloved's death and to promote my soaps. The world will know you are Christians by the tremendous outpouring of love you have shown to me.

I love you and will be praying for you each by name over the next few weeks. ♥

Now, for a more personal update: 

Mae added a few more soaps to the line up a few days ago.  I was too sick to bother posting, but here they are now!
1) Beach Breezes
2) Bordeaux Blend
3) Black Amber & Lavender
4) Champagne
5) Winter Grapefruit

Do you need the link again?  Sure! I have it right here:  Aunt Mae's

To those who prayed, entered, bought soap, or donated, I want to say thank you.  Mae is a dear friend and Lilla Rose Consultant, and it is only a blessing to be able to help her as she tries to get on her feet while still freshly grieving. 


P.S.  The winners of the drawings have been chosen but are being verified yet as of the scheduling of this post!  Stay tuned!  There were thousands of entries among the various blogs!


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